Published Articles

Here are a number of published articles that I’ve authored or co-authored.

The Bennett Collection
Penn State Eye Center: Eye 2020
Bennett JOP 2019 Editorial: Through the Lens of Time
Bennett JOP 2019 Milestones: The Early Days of Fundus Photography
Tomer, Bennett, Morris JOP 2019 Bedell and the Origins of the OPS Fellows
Bennett OP 2019 OPS 50 Years of Imaging Excellence
Bennett-Etzel-Weber-Sundstrom JOP 2019 PAMM
Bennett JOP 2019 Milestones: Puzzle of History
Bennett OT 2019 OPS Birth of New Profession
Bennett OP 2018 Retinal Imaging Modes
Bennett ASORN Insight 2017 Wyburn-Mason Syndrome
Bennett JOP 2016 Confocal Tonal Shift
Bennett OP 2016 Getting Started
Bennett-Quillen-Coronica ASORN Insight 2016

Bennett OP 2014 Camera-OCT

2014 Ophthalmology Management training
Bennett OP 2013 FA
Bennett OP 2013 OCT
Bennett OP 2013 Skills
Penn State Medical Minute 3D Movies
Bennett JOP 2012 Stereo
Aref OCT 2011
Bennett JOP 2009 digital quality
Bennett JOP 2009 OCT certification
Bennett-Barry CEO 2008
2008 EyeNet Imaging Interview
Bennett JOP 2007 FAF
Strong-Bennett-Khan JOP abstract 2007
Bennett JBC 2007 Ophthalmic Imaging II
Bennett JBC 2006 Ophthalmic ImagingI
Bennett JOP 2005 anaglyph
Benetz-Bennett-Tomer 2005
Justice-Bennett-Morris JOP 2005
Fracht-Harvey-Bennett Cornea 2005
Bennett JOP 2004 Digital CRA
Bennett JOP 2002 Lissamine
Bennett Current Concepts 2002 Cover
Bennett Current Concepts 2001 FA
Bennett 1999 AFP cover
Bennett JOP 1998 Letter Certification
Windom-Houghton Bennett JOP 1997
BPC 1996 Certification


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